I have over 20 years experience in teaching college as a visiting professor and an adjunct professor. Classes I have taught include Web Design, Introduction to Interactive Design, Javascript (Introduction and Advanced), Digital Imaging, Capstone classes in web and graphic design, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, and Visual Design with HTML and CSS. Below are some examples from my core courses.

Web Design

In the web design class students have three projects. They first redesign a non-profit site where they do a Heuristic evaluation and a little research. The second project is a site for social change where they do a lot of ideation and research. The last project is a responsive landing page that they build with HTML and CSS.

Motion Graphics

In the motion graphics class the students learn the 12 principles of animation, how to make a storyboard and other type and motion graphics principles. They have two kinetic type projects and a movie title sequence project.

UX/UI Design

When teaching a UX/UI course the students learn the double-diamond and other UX methodologies. At the end of the course the students have a complete case study.

Kim Elliott Designer

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